AutoDACI System

September 2019 - Present

AutoDACI is an imaging system that uses a new imaging technology made possible by Dr. Rodney Herring, a researcher at the University of Victoria. By using the system, a virtual source is placed in human tissue, emitting sound waves in every direction from the location of the virtual source. By doing this, an ultrasound probe can be used to detect the sound waves coming in, which carry great detail of what the tissue environment is like inside. This can be used to detect cancerous tumours and the vascularization around them non-invasively.

Our project is focusing on using this technology to automate the process of breast cancer screening, by making it safer, more accurate, and most importantly, non-invasive.

We are currently working hard to make this project a reality for clinical trials! Keep checking back for the more updates soon. Take a peak at some of our progress so far..

The CareChanger Platform

January 2019 - August 2019

The CareChanger is a wheelchair embedded sensor for detecting void events among incontinent wheelchair users coupled with a communication and application service for care providers.

The project began in January 2019 and was submitted into the National competition for The Innovation Design for Accessibility (IDeA) winning second place!

Watch our highlight video below to see the impact the device will have.

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