Our Mission

Thank you for your interest in the UVic Biomedical Engineering Design Team!
We are a group of students at the University of Victoria who design, make, and
test medical devices and assistive biomedical technologies. Our purpose is to
develop and fuel the next generation of engineering leaders through combining
the worlds of medicine and innovation. Our team allows students to develop skills
by practicing knowledge driven design and development of devices to tackle real
world clinical needs. Our projects aim to solve the needs of University
Researchers, Clinicians in the field, and make an impact in the local community.

Our partners are vital to our operation and we are thrilled that you are
considering joining our family and helping us further our cause. Your generous
sponsorships and philanthropic donation give our team members the best
possible student experience to build crucial hands-on skills as the continue to
expand their knowledge base. Our team members also gain valuable
communications, teamwork, and leadership skills along the way.

In the long term, we work towards establishing the infrastructure that gives our
team members the best education possible. Through our sponsors, we have the
opportunity to access cutting-edge materials, software’s, and manufacturing
techniques. This results in our students becoming well-versed in the latest
technology before they move onto their careers. We need long-term partners, like
you, that continue to support our efforts in graduating the best engineering from

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